Lunai Ki

Lunai Ki was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea. She started learning classical piano at the age of 4. Her teenage life was pretty simple but handful, she occupied herself by doing this 2 things. 1) Feel the universe -dig the metaphysical real world. 2) Play Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin, strictly in that order– But that is until one day she heard Michael Franks and Tito Puente Orchestra. She was 15 then and she started self teaching ‘the other world of music’. She graduated Seoul institute of the arts(Jazz and music composition major). After graduation, she focused on learning world music as that fed her soul the most while playing various music from art rock to funk and soul in different bands. In 2005 autumn, she moved to Colorado with not realizing that all her spiritual journey she made so far was only going to get much deeper. She had a good 3 years of break from playing music in Colorado and only painted animal healing arts-it was her own creation of Reiki charged chakra animal healing arts.

The person who made her come back to music world was maestro Jose Madera (music director and conguero of Tito Puente Orchestra for 31 years.) Meeting him was a true blessing and she continued the most intensive learning of Latin percussions directly under him for 4 years. That precious time made her not only to understand and play percussions but also helped her to become a better piano player. Whatever music she plays, there will be this complex of her life journey within and out you will hear. Today she can be found with the  Moses Jones Band and Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions.

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