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A multi-talented musician, band leader, author, and visionary, Little Moses Jones boasts a career spanning over three decades. Renowned for his mastery of multiple instruments and his captivating performances across diverse musical genres, he leads audiences on electrifying journeys as a band leader.

In the realm of literature, Little Moses establishes himself as an accomplished author with a debut book, “Uncovering Evil.” This gripping narrative plunges into the corrupt depths of a city, crafting a suspenseful tale that keeps readers at the edge of their seats. With meticulously plotted twists, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes, Little Moses encapsulates suspense, intrigue, and redemption.

But his creative endeavors extend beyond writing. Little Moses is a visionary, pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. He is the creative force behind the animated series “Fat Girl & Tooter,” a whimsical ten-episode cartoon showcasing his versatility as a storyteller. This further solidifies his status as an artist who inspires and deeply connects with audiences.

In chronological order, his works include “Fat Girl & Tooter,” “Arrested in Uniform: A Parade Day to Remember,” “Snowfall Serenade: A Heartfelt Christmas Journey,” and “Uncovering Evil.” Looking ahead, the anticipation builds for two upcoming releases this year: “Echoes of Eternity: A Love Woven in the Threads of War” and “Neon Nexus.”

With each project, including the imminent release of “Uncovering Evil” and the enchanting series “Fat Girl & Tooter,” Little Moses evolves, consistently creating exceptional experiences. Join him on his artistic journey, witnessing the magic he brings to every endeavor. Stay tuned for updates on his website and social media platforms as he continues to inspire, entertain, and leave an indelible mark on the worlds of music, writing, and storytelling.

Best Sellers

Fat Girl’s Blues Club: A legendary haven of music, laughter, and the transformative power of genuine human connection.

Unfold a day of resilience, unity, and triumph in ‘Arrested in Uniform.’ A narrative celebrating the power of community bonds.”

Snowfall Serenade:
A tale of love, loss,
and the enduring
magicof Christmas in

Uncovering Evil:
A riveting thriller
of secrets, betrayal,
and justice’s
relentless pursuit.


Dive into the magic of music and storytelling with Little Moses Jones—captivating, visionary, and always evolving!

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