Carlson Tann- Vocalist

Carlson L. Tann Jr. was born on August 29, 1974 in Goldsboro, NC. When I was approximately 5 years old I moved to Denver, CO with my parents, 2 older sisters, and a younger brother.
After graduating high school I joined the United States Marine Corps (1992) where I had planned to travel the world and see different sites and maybe hit the stage in a couple of places. Once again my passion for music found me. I met 4 other guys who were also in the USMC that shared a love for music. We joined together and formed a group doing original music (1993 – 1995). I thought I had a true love for singing well that love grew exponentially when I started writing lyrics and performing in clubs all over California. At the peak of our musical journey a couple of the members of the group exited the Marine Corps and moved back to their home towns. My musical journey was still in motion we created a production label and I was writing lyrics for 2 female groups, 2 male groups, and some solo stuff for myself all while still performing at different clubs around California.
In 1996 I was transferred to a deployable unit (on ship for 6 month) for 2 years, we travelled the Western Pacific and while on the ship I refined my writing skills.
As we stopped in different places I did get to perform on stages before many nationalities, I’ve been on stage in Singapore, Guam, Thailand, United Arab of Emirates and the desert of Dubai just to name a few and I must say that every location people were moved by my singing and I was moved by their reaction to my singing.

Upon returning to the US (1998) I continued to write for the production label we had created until around (1999) when I was transferred to recruiter school in San Diego. I joined a couple of choirs at my church upon returning home in which I still participate. I’m also a part of the praise team at church and I’ve sang lead/background vocals with countless church groups all over the city of Denver. I’ve done countless weddings and funerals. I’ve also done back ground vocals with gospel artist such as Richard Smallwood, Donnie Mcclurkin, Jonathan Nelson, Dorinda Clark Cole and many more.
My passion for singing is great but my passion to write is even greater I’m truly blessed to be able to do both.