Executive Summary-The Moses Jones Band is high energy party band that brings excitement and elegance to your event by amazing guests with great dance music from the past and present. They play and perform many genres of music from Current Top-40 Hits, R&B, Funk, Motown, Disco to Rock. Moses Jones Band works with one of the best Production Company In Colorado.

Production Company In Colorado
SpotOnSound, LLC is a full-service live sound reinforcement provider offering a wide range of expertise from lighting, video, backline, production and logistics management to provide a unique blend of skills and experience unmatched in the event planning industry.

Together over the past three years, The Moses Jones Band, in partnership with SpotOnSound LLC, have combined their unique blend of talent and production services to provide Denver’s Front Range and Rocky Mountains some of the region’s most amazing and epic receptions. Not only are the events engaging and fun for all, the wedding photographs (augmented by various lighting designs) really “Pop” and will be remembered and treasured for years to come.

For our array of lighting packages, we provide $10,000 – $35,000 of Pro-Lighting LED and high-powered halogen lighting; for our Pro-Audio packages we offer over $100,000 of state-of-the-art digital mixing consoles and line array speakers. Our years of production experience combined with an extensive array of Audio and Lighting production truly help make for a memorable and picturesque event. Additionally, a dedicated sound and lighting engineer will produce crystal-clear sound accompanied by soft, subtle mood lighting appropriate for dinner sets, special dances, and other similar settings. However, for the Moses Jones Band dance sets, your sound and lighting engineers will crank up the ‘Pop & Flash’ of the audio and light show when the party gets jumpin’.

Small Audio Package:
The Small audio package is appropriate for 50 – 100 guests & a room size of approximately 2500 SQ FT. Although small in size, all audio components are state-of-the-art thereby ensuring every guest clearly hears not only the spoken word throughout the venue, but feels-the-rhythm of the band’s party-like atmosphere. The system includes a digital mixing console, (4) four line-array elements, (4) four sub-woofers and a dedicated Audio Engineer.

Medium Audio Package:
The Medium audio package is appropriate for 100 – 175 guests and a room size of 4000 SQ FT. It includes everything in the small packages with additional speakers; line array elements, sub-woofers and delay towers.

Large Audio Package:
The Large audio package is appropriate for 175+ guests and a room size of 5000+ SQ FT. It includes everything in the medium package with additional speakers; line array elements, sub-woofers and delay towers AND lifts and trussing to “hang” the line-array elements some 20+ feet in the air thereby ensuring optimal sound coverage throughout the venue.

Small Lighting Package:
The Small lighting package consists of a basic “General Stage Wash” design with (15+) conventional lighting fixtures and professional mixing console. This entry-level package ensures that the band (and guest speakers) are well lit providing sufficient lighting for the band’s performance, speakers and looks good in photographs. The latter can be problematic as many venues either do not have adequate lighting to feature the band, or worse yet, only provide harsh “Fluorescent Lighting” that every photographer will struggle with.

Medium Lighting Package:
The Medium lighting system will consist of a basic “General Stage Wash” design with (20+) conventional lighting fixtures and a dedicated Lighting Engineer. With the addition of an engineer, the light show will be highly interactive (vs. static) thereby visually enhancing the bands performance and audience enjoyment.

Large Lighting Package:
The large lighting system will consist of an advanced “highly interactive and moving” design with (30+) conventional lighting fixtures, (6) Movers and (2) Ellipsoidal lighting fixtures mounted on trussing suspended 16’ in-the-air on professional AV lifts.ts.

Additional Options

As an option, our standard stage lighting packages can be augmented with Up-Lighting, Pipe N’ Drape, Bistro “Party” Lighting and Customized GoBo packages (featuring the name of the Bride and Groom or Wedding Logos projected on walls, ceilings or dance floor) to put the finishing touches on an already spectacular reception.

Bistro Lighting:
$100 per 50′ segment (Minimum 200′)
Includes 13′ vertical truss sections per mount point
Includes Labor

$25 per Up-Light
Up-lights are wireless and battery operated
Can run up-to 10 hours on a single charge
Can be placed anywhere in the venue (outdoors if weather permits)


(6) Mixing Consoles; Allen & Heath T112, Allen & Heath Qu-24 & Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX
(2) Speaker Management; DBX DriveRAck Venu360 & DBX DriveRack PA2
(26) Speakers: 1000w QSC (8) KLA12, (2) KW153, (6) KW122, (6) K12 & (4) K8
(14) Sub-Woofer: 1000w QSC (8) KW181 & JBL (6) SR4719X
(3) Amps: QSC 9000w PLD 4.5
(2) Sumner Eventer 25’ Lifts

Wireless Technologies:

Shure: (1) ULXD4Q & (4) Beta 58A
Shure: (1) SLX & (1) Beta 58A
Shure: (1) MX153B & (1) Beta54 Headworn Mic & (2) ULXD1 / SLX Body Pack Transmitter
Shure: (2) MX183/MX184 Lavalier
Neutrik: (1) XIRIUM PRO TX Base Station and (2) XIRIUM PRO RX Base Station Wireless Speaker Technology with up to 1,000 meter range
Vertex Standard: (3) EVX-S24 Digital 2-Way Radios with up to 7 mile / 30 floor range


(700’) Bistro “Party” Lighting
(250’) Velour Pipe N’ Drape
(18) Up lighting Fixtures
(2) Customized GoBo Packages (Black & White / Color)

Wired Technologies:

Shure: (3) Beta 57, (7) Beta 58A, (2) SM57, (1) & Beta 91A & (Instruments, Vocals & Kick)
Audix: (2) i5, (2) D2, (1) D4, (1) D6 & (3) ADX51 (Drums & Overheads)
Audio Technica: (1) AE2500, (3) ATM230 & (1) AE 2300 (Drums)
Heil: (1) PR30 & (1) PR40 ( Guitar & Bass)
Sennheiser: (1) MD 421 II (Sax, Bass & Snare)
Beyerdynamic: (2) M88 TG (Brass)
Rode: (4) M5 (Acoustic Instruments & Choir)
Countryman: (2) ISOMAX 4RF (Podium Mic)
Countryman: (4) Type 85 DI (Guitars & Keys)
Radial: (2) J48 DI (Guitars & Keys), (4) ProAV2 DI (DJs, Projectors)
Radial: (1) Bassbone V2 Tonebone DI (Bass Guitar)

Lighting Equipment List

(1) Cognito – Lighting Console
(12) Chauvet – COLORado 1-Tri TOUR
(4) Chauvet: Movers – Rogue R2 Spot Moving Head LED
(2) Chauvet: Ellipsoidal – Ovation E-190WW
(4) Martin: CX Color / Gobo Changer
(18) Chauvet: Up Lighting Wireless Freedom Par Hex – 4
(2) Splitter – Opto Branch 4
(1) Lighting Cable Package
(100’) TRUST: 12’’ x 12” Trussing (Various Sizes 4’, 6’, 8’ & 10’)
(2) 16’ Applied Technologies L16 Lifts & (1) 13’ l-13 Lift
(2) Kupo 20″ Master C-Stands

For a “Sound” Choice – Choose SpotOnSound.